Contact Info
Julie Chang
C/O Pasadena Police Department
207 N. Garfield Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91101

Shortly after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Cal State Long Beach, Julie began her career in Law Enforcement in 1989 as a Deputy Probation Officer. While working her compressed schedule, she managed to get her Masters in Public Policy and Administration. With that, she became a Crime Analyst and an Operations Assistant III for the Los Angeles County Sheriff.

After several years, Julie became the analyst for the Irvine Police Department, where she excelled at Crime Analysis. The Irvine Police Department enjoyed the status of one of the fifty best Analyst units in the Country, America’s safest city, The IACP Choicepoint Analyst Unit of the year, authored the leading industry Crime Analysis Handbook, and much more. She left the Irvine Police Department to pursue her career goal of standing up Crime Analysis Units in the United States Marine Corps. She successfully integrated municipal Crime Analysis into the Intelligence world of the Department of Defense at 12 USMC bases.

Having completed that mission in 4 years, Julie took her skill set back to municipal policing in Southern California. She is currently the Crime Analyst at Covina and Pomona Police Departments. She delivers a regional crime analysis module to the San Gabriel Valley and East Los Angeles County. When she is not working for a police department, Julie teaches at National University and Pierce College, in the Valley, where she prepares the future Certified Crime and Intelligence Analysts from California Department of Justice.