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Guest Speaker For March 2019 Networking Meeting


The March 2019 networking meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at 11:30 am, at LAPD Police Academy/Elysian Park at 1880 Academy Drive, in Los Angeles.

This month's speaker is Beatrice Girmala, a 33 year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department, who will deliver a motivational presentation on her experiences throughout her career in law enforcement and dedicated leadership. Having received a "Woman of Distinction" award from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, this luncheon/training is sure to inspire all WLLE-LAC members.

Bio of Beatrice M. Girmala


Assistant Chief

Director, Office of Special Operations

Assistant Chief Beatrice Girmala is the Director, Office of Special Operations (OSO). As Director of OSO, she is responsible for overseeing two bureaus; Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau and Transit Services Bureau. Included in the two Bureaus are four Groups, Transit Services Group, Traffic Group, Counter-Terrorism Group and Special Operations Group. Within those Groups are six specialized Divisions and four traffic Divisions; which include, Transit Services Division, Metropolitan Division, Air Support Division, Emergency Services Division, Major Crimes Division, Security Services Division and the four Traffic Divisions that conduct traffic enforcement Citywide. Transit Services Division patrols the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) six commuter rail lines within the City limits and all bus lines. Each day, MTA ridership exceeds 1.2 million passengers. She also oversees Community Engagement Group that includes Community Outreach and Development Division. Community Outreach Group emphasizes the Department's commitment to community outreach with a variety of community and youth programs, to include the Cadets, Reserves and Volunteers Unit and the Police Orientation Preparation Program (POPP). Assistant Chief Girmala is a 33 year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department. She is a lifelong resident of Los Angeles who enjoys the diversity and energy which defines the City, and feels that being an intimate part of its geography makes her a true stakeholder in change.

Assistant Chief Girmala attended school in the Hollywood area, graduating from Immaculate Heart High School and continuing her higher education at the University of California, Los

Angeles (UCLA). She was a member of the scholastic honor society Alpha Lambda Delta. At UCLA, Assistant Chief Girmala studied political science, public administration, and public law, graduating with honors, Magna Cum Laude, and a Bachelors of Arts degree in the discipline of Political Science.

In 1985, Assistant Chief Girmala proudly joined the Los Angeles Police Department, and was first assigned to Pacific Area. Upon completion of probation, she was assigned to Van Nuys Area, and then Southeast Area. The experience, early on, of working in three of the Department's bureaus was invaluable.

In 1988, a Field Training Officer position opened at Hollywood Area, and Assistant Chief Girmala felt that she could genuinely give back and positively influence change in that community.

Dedicating eight years to Hollywood Patrol Division led to another opportunity for growth and contribution. In 1997, Assistant Chief Girmala achieved the rank of Sergeant and was assigned to Central Area. The challenging Skid Row area was an outstanding supervisory training ground, presenting challenges and the opportunity to mature as a leader in a unique environment. The true inspiration for Assistant Chief Girmala was the dedication of the patrol officers who worked in extremely adverse conditions, yet all the while, delivering quality and professional law enforcement services to the most destitute. The lessons learned were extremely important and formative, as Assistant Chief Girmala continued her career as a sergeant in Pacific Area.

The time spent in Pacific Area was punctuated with highs and lows. The opportunity to work as a watch commander in the absence of both the sitting watch commander and assistant proved to be invaluable. The field supervisory duties further developed skills which can never remain dormant. The loss of Police Officer III Brian Brown during this time period underscored the ultimate sacrifices made by the valiant men and women of patrol, and the importance of teamwork and mutual support.

Following Pacific Area was a return to Hollywood Area in 1999, first as aField Sergeant, and then as an Assistant Watch Commander, Sergeant II. While at Hollywood Area, Assistant Chief Girmala was given the opportunity to work for then Captain (now retired Deputy Chief) Michael Downing, whom she credits with some of her most formative on the job training in the true meaning of "community based policing." Projects included "Operation Neighborhood Enhancement," a combined effort of City services and law enforcement to battle crime and quality of life issues in the east end of Hollywood Area. In addition, "Project Restore Hollywood" and "Homeless Outreach" were programs aimed at changing the landscape of Hollywood in a positive way with the concerted effort of the Gang Unit, patrol, and the dedicated core of Senior Lead Officers who are the glue which holds the best plans together.

In 2003, Assistant Chief Girmala was recognized by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce as a "Woman of Distinction," receiving that honor for her efforts in Hollywood Area. The year also brought a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant, and assignment to Hollenbeck Area as a Watch Commander. The energy and enthusiasm of Hollenbeck's patrol force prepared her well for the next assignment as Watch Commander in Central Area.

In 2006, Assistant Chief Girmala completed Command Development School with the aspiration to take on additional responsibilities in the future. The opportunity came on April 30, 2007, with her promotion to Captain and assignment to Devonshire Area.

After serving as the Patrol Commanding Officer in Devonshire Area, she began her second assignment as the Patrol Commanding Officer at Hollywood Area in 2008. Hollywood's diverse community and dynamism were extremely satisfying and challenging. The involvement of residential businesses and their robust interaction with the Division's patrol force and detectives led to many successful initiatives and programs that endure today. Among them, the creation of the Hollywood Entertainment District (HED) foot beat and operational deployment, the inauguration of LAPD's first youth mentoring center for the education and creative support of youngsters in the most financially challenged and gang impacted area of the Area's Homeless Outreach Programs.

In 2008, Assistant Chief Girmala was given additional responsibilities in Hollywood as the Commanding Officer. She held this position until her promotion in September of 2013 to the rank of Commander.

In 2013, Assistant Chief Girmala was promoted to Commander of Employee Relations Group, responsible for cultivating harmonious relations and reasonable solutions to personnel involved in grievances, administrative appeals, arbitrations, and MOU issues within the Department, as well as additional responsibilities and challenges.

On April 5, 2015, Assistant Chief Girmala was promoted to Deputy Chief, and became the Commanding Officer of Operations-West Bureau (OWB). During her tenure at OWB, she oversaw the smooth implementation of the Digital In-Car Video system to all OWB geographic Areas, and a Bureau-wide counter-terrorism, community awareness symposium.

On June 30, 2016, after 31 years of experience with the Department, she was promoted to Assistant Chief, and is now the Director, Office of Special Operations. In addition, Assistant Chief Girmala is the Department Coordinator for Human Relations and LGBTQ matters.

Assistant Chief Girmala credits her continued dedication, energy and inspiration to the men and women of patrol who are the first line of defense in the preservation of our values and freedoms, in the public arena.

Assistant Chief Girmala lives in Los Angeles with her daughter. Interests include jazz and the theater. Her mother is also a local resident and has served as an invaluable supporter and inspiration, as well. 

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